Maria Kendall was a staff nurse working for Holby City Hospital. She appeared first on 28 November 2006 and last appeared on 19 May 2010.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2006-2010)

She appeared first on 28 November 2006 as a student nurse on Darwin ward. She completed her training in 2007 and begun to work on AAU as a staff nurse. She changed constantly between AAU and Keller. She was best friends with fellow staff nurse Donna Jackson and SHO Maddy Young. When Maddy was stabbed and died in 2009, Maria blamed herself for her death because she thinks that if she would have called maintenance for the broken WC that Maddy was found in, Maddy would've been found much sooner. She developed a rivalry with best friend and acting ward sister Donna Jackson when they both candidated for the Keller ward sister's job. Maria got it as Donna was late for sending her application but when Maria had seen how much better Donna coped under pressure when they were both stuck in a lift with a patient and knew that Donna needed money for her half-niece, Mia, she resigned and asked nurse consultant Mark Williams to give Donna the job.

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