Mary-Claire Carter can be blunt, lazy and insensitive. Diplomacy is definitely not her strong point, but scratch at the surface and you’ll find a lonely girl, with a heart of gold, who is desperate to find ‘the one’.

She could be a brilliant nurse, if only she could just keep her mind on the job and learn to believe in herself.


In 2014, Mary-Claire left Holby City to look after her sick mother in Ireland. Just over four months later, on 7 October, Mary-Claire's returned, following her return was her on-off relationship with Harry Tressler.

Mary-Claire had been offered as new job in Chicago by Colette Sheward and Harry had been left facial disfigured following a fall from the hospital building. In April 2015, Harry proposed to Mary-Claire in the back of an ambulance and when she accepted, they left for Chicago together.

Behind the scenes

Mary Claire appeared on a recurring basis, sometimes with months between appearances, as an agency nurse on Keller and AAU wards. McGrady was promoted to a regular cast member in early 2013 by newly appointed executive producer, Oliver Kent - alongside the introductions of three characters. Her first appearance, as a regular cast member, aired on 23 April 2013. Template:Nav-Mary-Claire

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