Matteo Rossini is a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon who currently works on the Darwin Ward of Holby City Hospital.


Spirited, volatile, passionate, vain, ingenuous, self-centred, warm, sensitive, arrogant, deeply emotional, loyal, narcissistic, fickle, overly tactile, easily wounded, excitable like a child, willful, charming, sulky at times, prone to short periods of deep introspection and morbid thinking, quickly forgotten... Matteo Rossini is opera itself and passion incarnate. He is an idealist who believes life should be a series of grand gestures, a whirlwind of feeling. He is an artist in surgeon’s scrubs, an astounding life force like none other in Holby. He's driven entirely by desire and passion to feel and enjoy life, to indulge in all its tragedy and comedy and colour, to live every waking moment as intensely as possible.

His curiosity for people and new experiences knows no bounds. He is unwittingly arrogant and humorously grandiose at times (he claims that Carla Bruni once propositioned him at a medical charity event and were it not for his largesse, encouraging her to stay with Sarkozy, the course of French national history might have been changed forever). He’s also a bit of a tech junkie, and is working on various apps with bright young things across the pond in Silicon Valley.

Behind the scenes

Christian Vit currently portrays Matteo on Holby City. He made his first appearance as the character on 29 November 2016.

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