Muriel McKendrick is a former Cardiology Consultant for Darwin. She worked on the ward from or before January 1999 and left before 25 November 1999. Muriel was portrayed by Phyllis Logan.

Time at Holby City Hospital (-1999)

Muriel first appears in series 1 episode 2 "Happy Families" where she announces that she is looking for an assistant to help her with Sanguadox, a drug now officially on trial phase. She selects SHO Kirstie Collins for the job. When Dr. Collins reports to her that a patient has been deteriorated after taking the drug but McKendrick tells her not to give that information to the drug developer because it could send the project back months. When Dr. Collins misses her exam because she is needed to assist in theatre, McKendrick pulls strings so Kirstie could retake it the next day and wouldn't have to wait another 3 months to retake the exam. Kirstie passes and is made a Muriel's registrar. A former nurse in a hospital Muriel used to work in as a junior doctor is admitted and Muriel suggests cardiothoracic surgeon Anton Meyer to place an assist device on her heart and is devastated to see her refusing the operation so the resources would be put into operations that could save several people's life. Muriel obtains 4 surgical beds thanks to the board and makes their use for cardiology for which Meyer gets frustrated.

Muriel does not make an appearence in series 2 which means that she left after 9 March 1999 and before 25 November 1999 and her exit is left unexplained, although it could possibly be that Anton got rid of her by making her work life hell for stealing the beds from him. In series 2 episode 1 Kirstie comments: "Now I haven't got McKendrick to fight my corner" but also leaves her exit unexplained.