Niccolo "Nick" Jordan is a Senior Consultant in Emergency Medicine in Michigan and former cardiothoracic surgeon and general surgeon of Holby City Hospital. He joined the hospital in 1999, then left the department in 2000. He briefly returned in 2006 and again in 2010.

Time at Holby City Hospital

After five year absence from Holby City Hospital, Nick was forced to find work wherever he could, and after stepping out of line again he realised the door to his dream job in cardio-thoracic surgery was closed and locked. He is now a general surgeon with a chip on his shoulder and a past he is desperate to keep hidden. He doesn't care who gets in his way.

The character returned to Holby City proper in February 2006, accepting the General Surgical Consultancy that his old flame Jac Naylor had been hoping to be appointed to. Jac bumps into Nick outside the hospital and the look of disgust on her face says it all. It's clear they have some really bad history between them. And then to her fury, Nick announces that he's back to stay and has been offered Jac's coveted consultant post. They've worked together before and Jac knows Nick will tread on anyones toes to get to the top. The situation was manipulated by Cardiothoracic Consultant Connie Beauchamp. Connie takes Nick along to a charity evening so that he can scmooze Lord Byrne. She knows Nick might try to worm his way into her medical department and she won't play second fiddle to him. So she's hoping Lord Byrne will take him on at his hospital, St Luke's. During the course of the evening, a bomb was detonated by Derek, a deceased patient's relative. Connie and Nick are unharmed in the blast, but Derek's badly hurt - so they have to treat him using kitchen utensils. They employ tea towels, kitchen knives, scissors and even tongs. It's all quite ingenious! Lord Byrne is outside the kitchen. So to get his attention, she asks Nick to perform heart surgery - which is something she would normally do. Her idea works a treat.

Behind the scenes

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Michael French was one of the original characters in Holby City from the beginning in 1999, until he left the show in 2000. French later returned in 2006 for Casualty@Holby spin-off. Then made another appearance in Holby City as Lead Consultant of Holby City's Emergency Department in 2010. Template:Nav-Nick

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