The nurses of Holby City Hospital, tend to get results and medication for the Consultants, Registrars and Junior doctors to be be able to treat the patients.

Current nurses

Ward Manager

Ward Manager (previously ward sister (feminine) and charge nurse (masculine) is a senior nursing position given to the nursing personnel in charge of a ward and its nursing and HCA staff.


Name Duration Appointed by
Jonny Maconie 2012-2014 Board
Faye Morton/Byrne 2008-2010 Board
Chrissie Williams 2001-2006, 2007-2008 Board
Julie Fitzjohn 2000-2001 Board
Karen Newburn 1999-2000 Board


Name Duration Appointed by
Chrissie Williams 2011-2012 Sacha Levy
Donna Jackson 2010-2011 Mark Williams
Daisha Anderson 2008-2010 Mark Williams
Faye Morton 2007-2008 Dan Clifford
Kyla Tyson 2006-2007 (on/off) Chrissie Williams
Lisa Fox 2004-2005 Board
Kath Fox 1999-2004 Board


Name Duration Appointed by
Adrian Fletcher 2014-2017 Guy Self
Faye Byrne 2010 Herself
Daisha Anderson 2008-2010 (on/off) Mark Williams
Kyla Tyson 2006-2008 (on/off) Chrissie Williams
Mark Williams 2005-2007 Board
Deputy Ward Manager (formerly deputy ward sister/deputy charge nurse) is a senior nurse position who takes orders from the ward manager and acts in a ward manager capacity when the ward manager is away.


Name Duration Appointed by
Julie Fitzjohn 1999-2000 Karen Newburn
Jasmine Hopkins 1999 Board