Otter ward is a peadiatric ward in Holby City General Hopsital.

Features & Resources

The current status is unknown, although a peadiatric ward operates in the hospital but isn't called Otter ward anymore which means that the ward could be somewhere else and not the same place that Otter was located in.

In 2007 in Casualty, associate specialist Selena Donovan mentions the peadiatric ward as Otter ward, showing that the peadiatric ward is still named that way.

Staff (formerly)

  • Janice Taylor - clinical lead, consultant peadiatrician (until 2002)
  • Victoria Merrick - senior house officer, peadiatrics (until 2001)
  • Steve Waring - charge nurse (until 2002)
  • Keri McGrath - staff nurse (until 2002)
  • Sunil Gupta - senior house officer (2001)
  • Danny Shaughnessy - student nurse (until 2002)