"Parasite" is the 847th episode of Holby City and the eigth episode of the ninetieth series. It was preceded by "The Kill List" and followed by "Glass Houses". The episode was directed by Toby Frow and written by Simon Norman.


The arrival of Italian stallion Matteo immediately irritates Jac, and his popularity on the ward does nothing to lift her mood. When she discovers Matteo's past misdemeanours, however, she throws down the gauntlet. This is war.

Dominic starts to adjust to Jasmine being Isaac's assistant; at least he's got the man even if he didn't get the job. But when Dominic gets emotionally embroiled in a challenging case, it exposes cracks in his relationship with Isaac. Is Isaac all he seems?

Bernie thinks the biggest challenge of the day will be keeping her relationship with Serena under wraps. She's shocked therefore to discover that her son Cameron is now an F1 on her ward. Can she put their splintered relationship back on track?