Paul Rose was a consultant anestheist and the head of anesthetics in Holby City. He first appeared on 19 October 2000 and last appeared on 7 June 2010 and is the longest serving recurring character to date with 80 episode appearences.

Time in Holby City Hospital (2000-10)

He first appears in series three, episode three. For his early appearances, Paul uses a wheelchair, however later returns able-bodied. The character's recovery mirrored the Lewis's real-life paralysis, which saw him able to regain the use of his legs after four years of physiotherapy, following a motorbike accident. Although Paul's disability and subsequent recovery are never directly addressed on screen, Lewis has revealed that the writers originally intended to cover it in depth, and idea which was later discarded so as not to "trivialise the subject for those viewers who spend their whole lives in wheelchairs". Lewis lef she show in 2010 due to unknown reasons for both the actor and the character as Paul never saw a reasonable exit.

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