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"Project Aurous" is the 871st episode of Holby City and the 32nd episode of the 19th Series. This episode marks the arrival of Ben "Lofty" Chiltern and a Casualty crossover by Amanda Henderson as Robyn Miller.


When someone from Jac's past arrives on Darwin with a medical condition, it puts her in a compromising professional position. Will she be able to juggle both the responsibilities of her job and the patient?

A mystery agency nurse arrives on a busy Keller, but they are a bit rusty. Will they be able to get through the day without screwing everything up?

Oliver plans a big surprise for Zosia and ropes in Fletch who contributes a plethora of ideas, not exactly to Oliver's taste. Will he and Fletch be able to work together to crack the conundrum of a case they have on AAU?

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