"Protect and Serve" is the 834th episode of Holby City and the 47th episode of the 18th series. This episode takes place after the events of the tragic helicopter crash outside the ED which took place in Casualty's 30th anniversary episode "Too Old for This Shift".


The episode takes place on six different days; Sunday 28 August - Friday 2 September.

28 August

In the day after the ED helicopter crash, Henrik Hanssen announces that the ED will remain closed until further notice. Fletch provides support throughout the day in various ways. This section of events was shown at the very beginning of the episode with no dialogue apart from Fletch's interview being voiced over. It was only revealed that this was Fletch doing an interview at the end of the episode.

29 August

Steph Sims arrives in AAU and takes a shine to Fletch. He pays a visit to Connie whilst she's recovering. Hanssen makes another announcement that the ED is still closed and only to make a call to the hospital if it's necessary.

With Evie still recovering from her fall, Fletch commits to being a better dad - with tragic consequences.

30 August