Raffaello "Raf" Di Lucca was a registrar general surgeon who worked on Holby City Hospital's Keller Ward.


Dedicated, driven and passionate, Raf loves nothing more than being in the medical “zone”. An expert in resuscitation, he is a true medical pioneer and an energetic force of nature, who is led by his heart rather than his head. A dynamic presence, he can exhaust his team as they struggle to keep up, and can be demanding, quarrelsome and stubborn.

The passion Raf shows in medicine is matched only by the passion and devotion he shows to his wife, Amy, who is his rock and soul-mate… but what happens when the pressure really hits?

Time at Holby City Hospital (2014-17)

Raf joined Holby City Hospital as a new registrar on AAU, he specialises in trauma and uses cutting-edge techniques in his work. We first saw him save a young patient's life with improvised equipment, leading to conflict with the hospital's CEO Guy Self. Raf implies that Ric and Guy would be stupid not to hire him for a registrar's position on AAU. Raf then showed off his skills by saving a young boy's life using an improvised ECMO machine that he builds out of hospital equipment. Raf is prepared to put himself and the hospital on the line for the sake of his patient. It leads to conflict with Guy, though, because he doesn't want to risk Holby's reputation. During the same day, Raf managed to annoy Harry and Mo Effanga, but he befriended nurse Mary-Claire Carter.

Raf's wife, whose a consultant pharmacist Amy Teo, arrived two months later and it soon became clear that their marriage was strained by their fertility issues. Amy later conceived a child with Raf's rival Harry Tressler, following a one-night stand.

Raf struggled to comprehend Amy's infidelity, Raf embarked on a revenge scheme against Harry and attempted to ruin his career by risking a patient's life. Following the end of his marriage to Amy, Raf became more humble and he began to lighten up. He also developed a close friendship with Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher. In June 2015, nurse Cara Martinez joined the AAU team, and she and Raf had a brief romance.

In 2016 and early 2017, Raf moved up to Keller Ward where he began to have a relationship with transplant co-ordinator Essie Harrison.

In December 2017, a gunman was on the loose in the hospital, shooting staff and causing terror to become widespread across the hospital, as well as fatalities, one of which was Raf after he'd been shot and was later found in a lift, dead from a lack of blood. He was discovered from a voice mail which he sent while he was slowly starting to die.

Behind the scenes

Joe McFadden joined the cast of Holby City in 2014, he initially received a one year contract with the show. To help him prepare for the role, McFadden watched open-heart surgery.