"Rocket Man" is the 841st episode of Holby City and the second episode of the 19th series. It was preceded by "Into the Abyss". The episode was directed by Steve Brett and written by Peter Mattessi.


After she overhears Tristan and Guy planning to take a theatre away from CT, Zosia goes all out to impress Tristan. But after weeks of not properly treating her bipolar disorder, Zosia's attempts prove dangerous to both herself and her patient.

Essie meets 14-year-old Parker after his mum Kim is admitted for a second day in a row after another fall. Essie begins to question Kim's reasons for injuring herself so frequently and lands herself in hot water when she voices her suspicions to Parker.

Morven keeps a patient at arm's length when he flirts but finds herself growing fond of him after she witnesses him in a moment of vulnerability.