Series 17 was the seventeenth series of Holby City and commenced airing on 14 October 2014.


  • Guy Self, chief executive officer, clinical lead, consultant neurosurgeon, Keller – John Michie
  • Henrik Hanssen, chief executive officer, consultant general surgeon, Keller – Guy Henry (from episode 29)
  • Serena Campbell, deputy/acting chief executive officer, clinical lead, consultant general surgeon, AAU/Keller – Catherine Russell
  • Jac Naylor, clinical lead, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, Darwin – Rosie Marcel (until episode 27, episode 37, episode 50)
  • Elliot Hope, clinical lead, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, Darwin – Paul Bradley (until episode 50)
  • Ric Griffin, clinical lead, consultant general surgeon, AAU – Hugh Quarshie (episodes 11–32)
  • Jesse Law, consultant anaesthetist, Darwin/Keller – Don Gilét (from episode 3)
  • Sacha Levy, clinical skills teacher, specialist registrar, general surgery / acting consultant general surgeon, Keller – Bob Barrett
  • Mo Effanga, specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery, Darwin – Chizzy Akudolu (until episode 32, from episode 38)
  • Raffaello "Raf" Di Lucca, specialist registrar, general surgery, AAU – Joe McFadden
  • Oliver Valentine, specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery, Darwin – James Anderson (episode 11, from episode 30)
  • Harry Tressler, specialist registrar, emergency medicine, AAU – Jules Knight (until episode 27)
  • Arthur Digby, core training 1/2, Keller/AAU – Rob Ostlere
  • Zosia March, foundation training 2, Keller/Darwin – Camilla Arfwedson
  • Dominic Copeland, foundation training 2, Keller – David Ames
  • Morven Shreve, foundation training 1, AAU – Eleanor Fanyinka (from episode 38)
  • Colette Sheward, director of nursing services, Keller – Louise Delamere (until episode 4)
  • Jonny Maconie, transplant co-ordinator, clinical nurse manager, Darwin – Michael Thomson (until episode 27, episode 37)
  • Adrian Fletcher, ward manager, AAU – Alex Walkinshaw
  • Estelle "Essie" Harrison, transplant co-ordinator, staff nurse, Keller – Kaye Wragg (from episode 26)
  • Mary-Claire Carter, staff nurse, AAU – Niamh McGradyn (until episode 27)
  • Cara Martinez, staff nurse, AAU – Niamh Walsh (from episode 36)
  • Adele Effanga, healthcare assistant, Darwin – Petra Letang


Episode Series Title Director Writer Centric character Original airdate
736 1 "'Not Waving But Drowning'" Griff Rowland Julia Gilbert Serena 14 October 2014
Raf returns to AAU following his suspension. Michael Spence also returns to the hospital, while new consultant Fleur Fanshawe makes her presence felt on Keller when she clashes with Sacha over a patient. Jac is confronted with her daughter and she struggles with her emotions when a patient gives birth on the ward.
737 2 "Bounce Back" Griff Rowland Nick Fisher Raf 21 October 2014
Suffering from a lack of confidence, Raf struggles to deal with a difficult procedure, but support from Fletch helps him to bounce back. Guy and Jac clash over a patient when it becomes clear that they will both have to operate him in order to save his life. Dominic and Kyle's relationship comes to a halt when Dom suspects Kyle is cheating on him, but he soon realises that he has misread the situation.
738 3 "The Science of Imaginary Solutions" Karl Neilson Robert Goldsbrough Mo 28 October 2014
Jesse Law returns to Holby, as the consultant anaesthetist on Darwin. His first case is operating with Mo, who is out to prove herself by using an experimental technique. Serena's mother, Adrienne, is readmitted with pneumonia after going missing. On the ward, Serena's daughter discovers the true extent of her grandmother's illness. Sacha becomes desperate to prove Fleur wrong, but a surprise comes both their ways as they end up working on a case together.
739 4 "Chaos in Her Wings" Karl Neilson Kate Verghese Colette 4 November 2014
Colette's loyalties are tested as Zosia spirals out of control straining her relationship with Guy, and after a day from hell Colette makes a decision regarding her future at Holby. Raf finds himself in trouble when Michael discovers he kissed his patient's fiancée. Adele initially suspects Jesse is spying for Guy, but they grow closer as they help a patient.
740 5 "We Must Remember This" Richard Platt Joe Ainsworth, Elliot Hope and Johanne McAndrew Serena 11 November 2014
Michael and Fleur compete against each other to diagnose a patient who is constantly arresting, but at the end of the day it appears the competition against the surgeons is more than professional. An old soldier helps repair the strained relationship between Serena and Adrienne. Mo is impressed when she and Jesse successfully perform a transplant.
741 6 "Severed" Richard Platt Joe Ainsworth Raf 18 November 2014
Adrienne asks Serena to help her end her life. Serena initially refuses, but later agrees that Adrienne is lucid enough to sign a DNR. Shortly after, Adrienne suffers a stroke and dies, leaving Serena devastated. Meanwhile, Adele struggles to balance her career and her coursework. Michael tries to extend his time at Holby, and he and Fleur work together on a double limb reattachment. After the successful operation, Michael ultimately decides to return to the US.
742 7 "'Flesh and Blood'" Daniel Wilson Jamie Crichton Guy 25 November 2014
Guy collects Zosia from the health clinic and presumes she is ready to work on the wards again. However, Guy faces a setback as Zosia loses control, forcing him to ask for a psyche assessment for his daughter. Elliot asks Jac for funding to enable him to build a prototype for his new device. She initially refuses, until she comes up with a solution. Serena reveals her feelings about her mother's death to Raf.
743 8 "I Am What I Am Not" Daniel Wilson Chris Lindsay Dom 2 December 2014
Zosia attempts to demonstrate that she is able to perform on the wards, despite being on medication. But when her friend from the psyche unit, Lisa, arrives at the hospital, she convinces Zosia to stop taking her lithium tablets. Zosia begins treating a male patient, but misses vital signs and misdiagnoses him. Lisa begins hyperventilating in reception, requiring treatment from Jesse, but when she reveals she is faking her symptoms, Jesse discharges her – unaware of her unstable condition. Serena clashes with Angus Farrell, a chairman from the hospital board determined to introduce vicious cost-cutting proposals.
744 9 "Estel" Jamie Annett Patrick Homes Raf 9 December 2014
A 2-day-old baby with CDH is transferred to AAU, so she can receive ECMO therapy ahead of surgery. As Raf and Harry's working relationship improves, Raf asks Amy for a divorce. Amy goes into labour and delivers a son via caesarean, but she soon begins haemorrhaging. Dom tries to impress Fleur, so he will be asked to join her Los Angeles team, but Zosia's patient has the potential to harm his chances. Elsewhere, Mo struggles with her feelings for Jesse, while Jac kisses Guy.
745 10 "Star of Wonder" Jamie Annett Julia Gilbert Zosia 16 December 2014
Zosia becomes emotionally involved with an elderly female patient, who entrusts her with many secrets. But when she attempts to decode everything she has been given, including a necklace, she becomes insistent her mother's spirit is inside her patient. Mo rejects Mr. Thompson as she decides to tell Jesse how she feels, but then witnesses him kissing Adele. Amy gets a paternity test, which reveals Harry is Callum's biological father. Amy later shocks Harry when she announces she is planning on moving back to Singapore.
746 11 "I Will Honour Christmas in My Heart" Steve Brett Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope Dom 23 December 2014
Oliver Valentine returns to Holby, but he is not in a good way having been attacked by a group of youths outside the hospital. Once inside, Jac and Elliot treat him for chest pains, caused by Chagas disease. Elliot realises Oliver needs an operation – although it is made tricky when he discovers Oliver is also suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. Determined not to let this discourage him, Elliot decides to push ahead and use his new device, despite Jac's refusal. Later, Jac allows him to use the device, even suggesting he calls it Kibo. The operation is a success. Meanwhile, Ric returns to AAU, but is shocked to learn Amy has handed in her resignation. Guy struggles to accept Zosia may never be the same again.
747 12 "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot" Steve Brett Tony Higgins Dom 30 December 2014
Dom returns from LA and Serena and Ric are shocked to learn that three complaints were made against him during his time there. The pair warn Dom that he needs to put in more effort. Dom's day takes a turn for the worse, when Malick's fiancé, Nathan, is admitted after being knocked off his bike. Dom and Nathan become trapped in the lift, and Dom is forced to act swiftly in order to save Nathan's life. Meanwhile, Mo treats a surrogate mother diagnosed with angina, who discovers that she needs an operation on her heart if she has a chance of surviving the birth. After struggling to find a date to her sister's wedding, Mo settles on Mr T. Mary-Claire and Harry decide to spend New Year's Eve together.
748 13 "Brand New You" Nigel Douglas Rebecca Wojciechowski Mo 6 January 2015
The Effanga family prepare themselves for Celia's wedding day. Mo and Adele bring Mr T and Jesse as their escorts. During the reception, Mo's mother reveals an explosive family secret. Zosia's friend Lisa is brought in with a head injury after jumping from a bridge, prompting Zosia's return to Keller. Guy finally accepts his daughter's mental illness.
749 14 "Wages of Sin" John Hardwick Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope Guy 13 January 2015
Sacha struggles to take a step back when his daughter, Rachel, is admitted. He is further shocked to learn she has traces of amphetamines in her system. Harry and Mary-Claire work together on a tricky case and agree to a friends with benefits relationship. Jac is offered a job opportunity in the United States, while Mo is tasked with her first solo Herzig operation.
750 15 "Sucker Punch" John Hardwick Martin Jameson Fletch 20 January 2015
Fletch's ex-wife Natalie and her friend Bex are brought into AAU after a drunken night out. Fletch later realises that Natalie's condition is far worse than he first thought and she later dies after surgery. Rachel sits a mock exam in the hospital, but her continuing sickness has Sacha worried. After conducting more tests, Arthur informs Rachel that she is pregnant. Elsewhere, Jonny tries to convince a monk to accept treatment, while dealing with the changes Guy has made to the theatre schedules.
751 16 "Good Girls Don't Lie" Karl Neilson Kit Lambert Sacha 27 January 2015
Mary-Claire tries to keep her relationship with Harry casual, but while they work together to diagnose a patient's condition, she realises that she has developed feelings for him. Sacha tries to be there for Rachel, but seeks help from her teacher, Mr Kerrigan. He soon works out that Mr Kerrigan is the father of Rachel's baby. When he tries to report him to the police, Rachel threatens to cut Sacha out of her life. Meanwhile, Adele suspects Mo has been avoiding her due to her feelings for Jesse, but soon learns that they are not sisters.
752 17 "The Beat Goes On" Karl Neilson Joe Ainsworth Jesse 3 February 2015
Jonny is stuck in the middle of two warring parents when they cannot agree to donate their son's organs. Fletch promotes Mary-Claire for the day and she grows close to Pat, a homeless man, with serious injures. Mary-Claire is later blamed for revealing details about the organ donor to a heart and lung recipient. When Pat dies, Mary-Claire is left questioning her relationship with Harry when he says no one will miss him. Elsewhere, Sacha forgets Rachel's birthday and enlists Dom's help in a bid to make it up to her.
753 18 "Love Divided by Three" James Larkin Matthew Broughton Sacha 10 February 2015
Triplets with a rare blood type bring problems to the wards when two of them need surgery. Rachel leaves the hospital to meet Mr Kerrigan, but collapses when her condition takes a turn for the worse. She later miscarries during surgery. Harry realises he has strong feelings for Mary-Claire, but learns that she is seeing someone else. Ma Effanga comes to the hospital to apologise to Mo and to give her a box of photos and papers, which may contain the identity of her real father.
754 19 "Be Bold, Be Bold" James Larkin Catherine Johnson Sacha 17 February 2015
While treating an agitated patient named James, Mary-Claire bonds with him over their relationship problems. James later holds Mary-Claire hostage in a store cupboard, demanding that she cut off a tattoo on his chest. When Mr. Kerrigan turns up at the hospital to see Rachel, Sacha punches him and tries to find a way to keep him and Rachel apart. Meanwhile, after seeing how badly the new theatre schedules are affecting the staff, Jonny begins a petition. But a patient ensures that his campaign goes viral.
755 20 "Domino Effect" Dermot Boyd Katie Douglas Elliot 24 February 2015
Elliot's Kibo device is due to have its first official trial on patient Julie Kale, but the surgery has to be postponed. Guy insists the operation goes ahead, causing Jonny to confront him about the damage he is doing. Julie's operation goes well, but she later dies after her husband, who suffers from memory loss, changes the new battery for an old one. Mary-Claire's ex-boyfriend Tom brings in a patient to AAU and a job offer for Mary-Claire. Meanwhile, Arthur and Dom compete against each other during triage, but realise they are better together.
756 21 "Trust in Me" Dermot Boyd Jon Sen Jonny 3 March 2015
Guy and Ric launch an investigation into Julie's death, after Elliot says it was caused by human error. Guy suspects Jonny is at fault. Jonny is later caught fishing the new battery out of the bin and the police take him in for questioning. When a patient's boyfriend, Elijah, feels Harry is neglecting his work, he stages a protest on a window cleaner's cradle. Elijah collapses and Harry climbs onto the cradle to save him. A cable snaps causing Harry to fall to the ground, resulting in critical injuries. Elsewhere, Arthur tries to keep his break-up from Zosia, which makes Zosia feel like she is being sidelined on the ward.
757 22 "Blindside" David Innes Edwards Anna McPartlin Mary-Claire 10 March 2015
Harry's mother, Elizabeth, arrives at the hospital, as Harry wakes from his coma. She demands a second opinion about his treatment, but is forced to accept Raf's help when Harry's injuries cause him to go blind. Jonny is charged with murder. Jac helps deal with the fallout, while Elliot reminds the Darwin team that their patients come first. Meanwhile, Arthur struggles to choose a specialism.
758 23 "We Have the Technology" David Innes Edwards Nick Fisher Jonny 17 March 2015
While Mo and Adele are visiting Jonny in prison, Jonny tries to defend his cell mate, Khalid, from an attack. Both Jonny and Khalid are stabbed and taken to Holby. Jonny's condition worsens and Mo and Jac battle to save him. Harry struggles with his disfigurement and he refuses to give his consent for further treatment. After lashing out at everyone, Fletch's daughter, Evie, helps him overcome his issues. In order to help a patient, Zosia tells them about her bi-polar disorder.
759 24 "Rock and a Hard Place" John Howlett Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope Raf 24 March 2015
Shortly before Harry's facial re-constructive surgery, Raf is informed by his brother, Giuseppe, that their mother has died. Instead of returning to Glasgow, Raf decides to go ahead with the surgery. Ina Effanga is admitted to Darwin, giving Mo an opportunity to talk to her about her father. Elsewhere, Arthur tells Serena that he wants to specialise in emergency medicine, but when he is given the chance to prove himself, he chooses to focus on what caused his patient's injuries and is outperformed by Dom.
760 25 "The Last Time I Saw You" John Howlett Julia Gilbert Adele 31 March 2015
Guy is determined to have Jonny discharged and returned to prison. Jac tries to prevent it, believing Jonny is innocent. Steve Kale returns to the hospital and Mo walks him through the day of his wife's death, causing him to remember that he swapped out the new battery in the Kibo for an old one. Mary-Claire receives a job offer from Michael Spence in Chicago. When Harry learns that Raf will not be performing anymore surgery on him, he decides to go to Chicago with Mary-Claire, but later realises that he needs to stay and get used to his face. Elsewhere, Arthur impresses Serena and wins a place on AAU.
761 26 "Squeeze the Pips" Griff Rowland Nick Fisher Jonny 7 April 2015
Jonny returns to Holby after being released from prison. Despite blaming Guy for what happened, he gets straight back to work. Jonny's cellmate is admitted and he later dies in surgery, prompting Jonny to leave Holby along with Jac and their daughter. Arthur starts his first day on AAU and is pranked by Fletch and Raf. But he manages to impress them after diagnosing a patient with scurvy. Sacha welcomes Essie back to Keller, but things become awkward between them when he learns she met someone in Germany after they lost contact.
762 27 "Go the Distance" Griff Rowland Alex Child and Andy Bayliss Guy 14 April 2015
With Jac on deferred maternity leave, Guy is under pressure from Darwin and the new supercentre. He later steps down as CEO and secures funding for a centre of Neurosurgery. Harry returns for his after-care treatment and Mary-Claire makes it clear that she felt rejected while he was away assessing his life. Before she leaves for Chicago, Harry proposes and the couple leave together. After Dom and Zosia discover Sacha stayed out all night, they speculate over where he went, which results in a misunderstanding between Sacha and Essie.
763 28 "All About Evie" Paul Murphy Joe Ainsworth Fletch 21 April 2015
Guy introduces neurosurgeon Annabelle Cooper to Keller and she immediately takes Zosia under her wing, allowing her to take the lead in the theatre. Fletch's daughter, Evie, is brought in after a school bus crash. Fletch orders an MRI scan for her, fearing she has a serious head injury like her mother. But he soon learns Evie was not on the bus, having got off to avoid being bullied. Fletch also becomes concerned for another pupil, Rosa, who exhibits signs of an eating disorder. Elsewhere, Adele finds Mo's father through his medical records.
764 29 "Small Disappointments" Paul Murphy Patrick Homes Guy 28 April 2015
The staff on AAU expect Serena to be promoted to CEO, but when Angus Farrell is given too much morphine for a dislocated shoulder, he admits that the board have rejected her. Serena later discovers that Guy has been trying to hire a CEO that will help him and the neuro centre, so she gets her revenge by meeting with Henrik Hanssen. Mo contacts her birth father, Clifford, and invites him to the hospital under the pretext of conducting some medical research. When Clifford finds out the truth from Adele, he walks out. After working together on a tough neuro case, Zosia later finds Annabelle looking at a brain scan identical to the patient's. Unbeknownst to her, it belongs to Annabelle.
765 30 "Homecoming" Dermot Boyd Dana Fainaru Hanssen 5 May 2015
A May Day march brings in many casualties, putting strain on all the wards. Oliver Valentine makes his full-time return to Holby, as the new registrar on Darwin. His first patient, Rosie, tests his patience, forcing Jesse to tell Oliver to sort himself out. Henrik Hanssen also returns to Holby as CEO and immediately clashes with Guy, who learns that the funding for his neuro centre has been withdrawn. Zosia discovers Annabelle has a brain tumour. Meanwhile, Fletch asks Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon to place a bet for him when he suffers financial strain.
766 31 "Lifelines" Dermot Boyd Fiona Peek Mo 12 May 2015
Zosia learns Annabelle has been researching an experimental procedure and asks for Guy's permission to carry out human trials. But Guy is forced to halt Zosia's plans due to a lack of funding. Annabelle's condition start to put her patients at risk, and Zosia offers to help with her research. Raf tries to impress Hanssen in a bid to secure funding for his maxillofacial facility, but a patient's dog causes problems. Meanwhile, Adele tries to apologise to Mo and invites Clifford to watch her in surgery. Her plan works when Mo and Clifford bond.
767 32 "The Ides of March" Jermain Julien Peter Mattessi Zosia 19 May 2015
Annebelle collapses as her brain tumour worsens. Zosia is determined to perform the surgery she needs, but Guy stops her, fearing that the pressure might affect Zosia's bi-polar. Annabelle defends Zosia and Guy allows her to perform the surgery. She later tells him that she is transferring to Darwin. On AAU, Raf notices that his patient's daughter, Lucy, has had facial surgery and appears to have an infection. He tries to get her to talk to him and shows her photos of Harry's facial reconstruction, which lands him in trouble with Serena. Lucy eventually allows Raf to examine her face. Elsewhere, Mo gets Clifford a job as a porter, but struggles to tell him that she is leaving for Chicago for six weeks.
768 33 "All Coming Back to Me Now" Jermain Julien Kate Verghese and Sally Tatchell Ollie 26 May 2015
Oliver struggles with his return to the theatre where his wife died and makes a mistake in surgery, resulting in his patient needing another operation. Elliot tells Oliver that he expects more from him, while Hanssen offers him some good advice. Sacha invites Essie to meet his children and she confides in Dom that she is not ready. But after bonding with a patient's teenage daughter, Essie changes her mind. Elsewhere, Raf manages to convince Lucy to let him operate on her face and learns that her injury is the result of domestic violence.
769 34 "Tug of Love" Jamie Annett Patrea Smallacombe Jesse 2 June 2015
Adele faints on the ward and suspects she is pregnant. The pregnancy test comes back positive, but Mr T informs Adele that she actually has an ovarian cyst. Jesse is distracted when Guy offers him a three month job opportunity in the United States, but he ultimately commits to Adele as she waits to learn whether the cyst is cancerous or not. Fletch tries to give Evie a good birthday despite his financial troubles. Meanwhile, Serena and Angus's romance comes to an end as they clash over a patient.
770 35 "When a Man Loves a Woman" Jamie Annett Nick Fisher Fletch 9 June 2015
Jesse tries to keep Adele away from his patient Talesha, leading her to suspect he has cheated on her. However, Talesha is a singer who serenades Adele as Jesse proposes. She initially turns him down, but after they talk, she accepts. A high-profile patient is admitted to Keller ahead of his live organ donation, prompting Essie to question his choice about surgery. Despite costing the hospital time and money, she wins approval from Hanssen. Fletch's car is clamped when he parks illegally to help a man with leg wounds. He tells Clifford about his debts and Clifford gives Fletch a bag of duty-free cigarettes to sell.
771 36 "The Children of Lovers" Nigel Douglas Lucia Haynes Arthur 16 June 2015
Zosia is late for her first shift on Darwin, annoying Oliver, who is tasked with showing her the ropes. Oliver's mood is not improved when she makes a mistake in surgery and they clash over a father and daughter who need life saving surgery. Adele admits to Jesse that she has failed her nursing degree module. New nurse Cara Martinez starts work on AAU, while Lucy returns for her surgery. However, Cara believes Lucy is not ready and asks psychiatrist Sebastian Coulter to have a talk with her, putting the surgery at risk. Elsewhere, Dom assists Guy and Mr T with a neuro procedure on a pregnant woman.
772 37 "Spiral Staircases" Nigel Douglas Andy Bayliss Hanssen 23 June 2015
Guy persuades Jesse to help him out with a risky transoral procedure. During the surgery, Guy removes the majority of the tumour, but goes against Hanssen's advice to close up, resulting in complications. On Darwin, Zosia and Oliver are confronted with a woman who believes she has a fictional parasitic disease. With her heart condition putting her life at risk, duty psychiatrist Seb is asked to help. He antagonises Zosia, but later asks her out on a date. With his mounting debts, Fletch considers Clifford's plan to steal pharmaceutical drugs.
773 38 "Losing Control of the Wheel" Louise Hooper Julia Gilbert Morven 30 June 2015
New F1 Morven Shreve starts her first day on AAU and Arthur is assigned to be her mentor by Serena. When his patient dies in surgery, Arthur struggles to cope and has a panic attack. Meanwhile, Fletch and his family are faced with eviction. Mo returns from Chicago, creating tension between Mr T and Clifford, who believes he is not the man for his daughter. Dom is surprised when his mother, Carole, turns up out of the blue. Dom desperately tries to get rid of her, while she befriends his colleagues and patients.
774 39 "Beneath a Mask" Louise Hooper Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope Fletch 7 July 2015
After losing his home, Fletch and his children are forced to sleep in the hospital basement. Realising that he has reached breaking point, Fletch agrees to help Clifford with his plan to steal pharmaceutical drugs. Following another panic attack, Arthur takes medication from the drugs trolley. On Darwin, Elliot worries about Oliver and lack of love for life. Though he dismisses Elliot's concerns, Zosia is not as easy. Oliver and Mr T have a stand off over a patient who needs surgery for both a heart condition and fibroids. Elsewhere, Dom tries to get rid of Carole, but soon learns that she has secured a job at the hospital.
775 40 "U-Turn" Jennie Darnell Rebecca Wojciechowski Fletch 14 July 2015
Fletch starts to have doubts about the pharmaceutical drugs heist and tries to pull out, until Clifford confesses that he is in debt to drug dealers, who know about Fletch and his children. Sacha's demanding family causes problems for Essie and results in her being unprepared for the Transplant Coordinator job. She later wins the job following a passionate speech in which she asks Hanssen to reconsider. Jesse and Adele clash when a patient asks for Jesse's help with a petition and Adele forges his signature.
776 41 "Family Fortunes" Jennie Darnell Joe Ainsworth Arthur 21 July 2015
When Clifford is unable to deliver the pharmaceutical drugs, the dealers threaten to harm Mo. However, they mistakenly attack Adele outside the hospital. Hanssen and Serena operate, but they admit that Adele's condition is touch-and-go. With his anxiety acting up, Arthur struggles to contain his temper with Morven and his patient. To help himself calm down, he self-medicates again. Meanwhile, Essie is affected by a terminally ill woman who is on the look out for a mother for her three children. She later tells Sacha that she wants a baby.
777 42 "Return to Innocence" Jan Bauer Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope Fletch 28 July 2015
In an effort to cope with what happened to Adele, Mo tries to keep herself busy with work. When Adele's condition worsens, both Guy and Mo have to step in to save her. Fletch urges Clifford to go to the police to keep his children safe, but Clifford comes up with a solution and leaves Holby. An old friend of Serena's is admitted to AAU and proves to be a little too much for Arthur to handle. Morven encourages Arthur to lighten up and find his humorous side, resulting in a diagnosis.
778 43 "A Good Man" Jan Bauer Patrick Homes Fletch 4 August 2015
Fletch tells Mo the truth about Clifford and the motive behind Adele's attack. Mo decides not to call the police on Fletch, knowing that his children will be orphaned, but tells him to leave Holby in a month. Raf offers Fletch help after he explains that he is bankrupt and cannot provide for his family. Adele wakes up, but Jesse worries about their future when a patient reminds him about his past relationships. Oliver tries to find out the status of Zosia's relationship with Seb, but they clash when he orders a psych evaluation for a patient.
779 44 "Speak True" David Tucker Katie Douglas Elliot 11 August 2015
Elliot's old friend Brigitte brings two patients from Pakistan with multi-drug resistant TB to the hospital. Elliot agrees to operate, but when Oliver's patient's condition deteriorates, he is given priority over Ayesha and Zayn. Brigitte then pretends to have called Mo to help, putting lives at risk. Elliot questions her ethics and Hanssen tells her that she is not welcome back at Holby. Sacha and Essie discuss having a baby, and Essie makes it clear that they both have to be on board with the plan. Elsewhere, Serena forces Morven to stand on her own two feet when she realises that Morven has become dependant on Arthur.
780 45 "Beautiful" David Tucker Julia Gilbert Raf 18 August 2015
Dom is tasked with leading a tour of A level students around the hospital. He tries to use the opportunity to impress Hanssen and earn his respect. When one girl, Sadie, collapses, Dom diagnoses her with carotid artery disease. He later misses Sadie's surgery when he notices one of her bullies on the hospital roof. Lucy Mottica returns to AAU when her bone graft wound becomes infected. Cara questions Lucy's intentions towards Raf, and Lucy makes a formal complaint against her. Cara later witnesses Lucy deliberately making her wound worse. On Darwin, Elliot and Brigitte work together to save Zayn from a new crisis. While Hanssen offers Elliot a new role as Director of Research at Holby.
781 46 "Infallible" Jermain Julien Kate Verghese Guy 25 August 2015
Milly, an old friend of Guy's late wife, is admitted to AAU with a broken wrist. Guy discovers she has three Metastatic tumors in her brain and convinces her to let him operate. Jesse questions his motives, and after Milly dies, he and Guy fight. Sacha comes into conflict with pregnant drug addict Casey. He discovers that she has an aneurysm, and needs surgery which could put the baby's life at risk. The aneurysm later ruptures, leaving Sacha no choice but to operate. He later tells Essie that they should try for a baby. Meanwhile, Oliver and Zosia spend the day flirting, which worries Seb.
782 47 "Man of Conscience" Jermain Julien Tony Higgins Fletch 1 September 2015
Clifford is brought into AAU following a car accident, along with Danny Jarvis, the drug dealer who attacked Adele. Clifford is soon rushed into theatre when Fletch realises that he has swallowed several packages of drugs. Clifford survives and makes up with Mo, while Danny dies from his injuries. Oliver and Zosia treat a young transgender boy with a heart murmur, who has been taking testosterone. Oliver and Seb fight when they disagree about the patient's wishes to have gender reassignment surgery without his father knowing. Guy and Jesse's friendship continues to suffer in the wake of their fight.
783 48 "An Eye for an Eye" Nigel Douglas Nick Fisher Mo 8 September 2015
Ron, the grieving husband of Milly, returns to the hospital with a box of photos to show Guy, and Fletch convinces him to come down to AAU. Ron forces Guy to hold a live grenade that he has just pulled the pin out of. The hospital is evacuated, but Fletch returns to talk Ron down. After Ron is shot by the police, Fletch throws the grenade outside, where it explodes. On Darwin, Elliot, Oliver and Zosia are forced to continue surgery on a patient during the evacuation. When Zosia discovers Guy is a hostage, she runs into AAU followed closely by Oliver. After the explosion, they share their first kiss. Elsewhere, Hanssen forces Dom to treat a pessimistic patient, who is in the middle of a malpractice suit against his previous doctor.
784 49 "Shockwaves" Nigel Douglas Dana Fainaru Fletch 15 September 2015
Arthur struggles to control his anxiety and Morven catches him taking hospital medication. She tries to cover for him, but when Arthur makes a mistake, he blames her. Serena then sends Morven home, leading her to question her place at the hospital. Arthur confesses to stealing medication and, after Dom defends him to Hanssen, he is suspended for two weeks. Zosia tells Seb about her kiss with Oliver, leading to a confrontation between the two men. Seb admits to Zosia that he loves her, but she tells him that she does not feel the same way. Fran Reynolds, an old friend of Essie's, begins working on Keller. Sacha becomes insecure about his relationship when Fran tells him about Essie's wild past.
785 50 "At First I Was Afraid" Julie Edwards Julia Gilbert Elliot 22 September 2015
Elliot is ready to accept his new role as Director of Research, until Brigitte makes a sudden return to Holby with Frieda Petrenko, who is suffering from multi-drug resistant TB. Elliot is determined to save her, but after she loses consciousness, she is rushed into theatre. Elliot, Oliver and Zosia struggle to save her, until Jac returns to help out. Brigitte and Elliot have a heart to heart about their past, while Jac points out that Elliot appears to be in love with Brigitte. Elliot decides to leave Holby and go to Pakistan with Brigitte. Dom takes Arthur to the family caravan, and is soon faced with his mother and homophobic father. Dom and Arthur's friendship is soon tested as Dom deals with his father's behaviour towards him.
786 51 "Cover Story" Daikin Marsh Joe Ainsworth Cara 29 September 2015
Cara's husband, Jed, turns up on AAU with a pregnant woman. When he refuses to tell her anything Cara becomes suspicious. When the husband of the patient, Sean Brady, arrives things get tense and Jed leaves with Sean and his wife, but not before the she reveals, to Cara, that the baby is Jed's! Adele comes back to work for the first time since her accident, and gets emotionally involved with a patient who she was friends with during her travel rep days. Also Jesse annoys Sacha and Dom when he say he doesn't want a work stag do.
787 52 "Ever After" Daikin Marsh Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope Adele 6 October 2015
Adele and Jesse both end up at Holby City Hospital on the day of their wedding for separate reasons. Jed returns to AAU injured. Raf, Morven and Cara operate on him. After surgery Sean Brady returns and forces Jed to leave. Cara is determined that their marriage is over, but Jed just won't listen.
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