Series 20 is the twentieth series of Holby City. The series will consist of 52 episodes.


Main Cast

The main cast include consultants Henrik Hanssen, John Gaskell, Ric Griffin, Jac Naylor, Sacha Levy and Roxanna MacMillan; registrars Dominic Copeland, Oliver Valentine and Frieda Petrenko; junior doctors Meena Chowdhury and Nicky McKendrick; nurses Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher, Donna Jackson, Essie di Lucca and Ben "Lofty" Chiltern.

Serena Campbell returned on 7 February 2018 as her portrayer Catherine Russell returned from a sabbatical.

Specialist registrar Xavier Duval, nicknamed "Zav" arrived on 20 February 2018.

Abigail Tate joined the cast in Spring 2018 as CEO portrayed by Olivia Poulet.

Leah, an F1, joined the cast in Autumn 2018.

Registrar Oliver Valentine and staff nurse Essie di Lucca left the hospital this series. Essie returned later that Summer.

Sydney Somers guest returned twice after appearing in Series 19.

Frieda Petrenko left in this series to work in Pakistan with Elliot Hope, she returned on 11 September 2018.

Consultant neurosurgeon Guy Self returned in the Autumn after appearing the last series.


Name Role(s) Ward Portrayed by Notes
Henrik Hanssen Consultant general surgeon, former Chief Executive Officer, acting Chief Executive Officer Keller Guy Henry
Serena Campbell Acting Chief Executive Officer, Consultant general surgeon AAU Catherine Russell From episode 6
Guy Self Consultant neurosurgeon KNU John Michie From episode 47
John Gaskell Director of medicine and surgical innovations, professor and consultant of neurosurgery KNU /


Paul McGann Until episode 46
Ric Griffin Consultant general surgeon AAU Hugh Quarshie
Mo Effanga Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Darwin Chizzy Akudolu From episode 47, until episode 52
Jac Naylor Clinical lead, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Darwin Rosie Marcel Until episode 12, from episode 23
Sacha Levy Clinical lead, clinical skills teacher,

consultant general surgeon

AAU Bob Barrett
Roxanna MacMillan Clinical lead, consultant neurosurgeon KNU Hermione Guildford Until episode 40
Frieda Petrenko Specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery Darwin Olga Fedori Until episode 23, from episode 37
Oliver Valentine Specialist registrar, cardiothoracic surgery Darwin James Anderson Until episode 13
Dominic Copeland Specialist registrar, general surgery Keller David Ames
Xavier "Zav" Duval Specialist registrar, general surgery AAU Marcus Griffiths From episode 8
Nicky McKendrick Foundation training year 2 AAU/Darwin Belinda Owusu
Meena Chowdhury Foundation training year 2 Keller/KNU Salma Hoque
Leah Faulkner Foundation training year 1 AAU Hannah Daniel From episode 40
Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher Director of nursing services Darwin Alex Walkinshaw
Donna Jackson Staff nurse / senior staff nurse AAU Jaye Jacobs
Essie Di Lucca Staff nurse Keller Kaye Wragg Until episode 13, from episode 28
Ben "Lofty" Chiltern Staff nurse AAU Lee Mead
Recurring Cast and Significant Appearences
Greta Allinson Relative, Patient AAU Zoe Croft Episodes 6-7, 21-25
Jason Haynes Relative, porter AAU Jules Robertson
Abigail Tate Chief executive officer, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Darwin Olivia Poulet From episode 14, until episode 45
Mikey Fletcher Relative N/A Kai O'Loughlin Episode 18, episode 39
Sydney Somers Head of nursing agency N/A Gemma Oaten Episode 20, November 2018
Bernie Wolfe Consultant general and trauma surgeon AAU Jemma Redgrave Episodes 24-25
Fleur Fanshawe Clinical lead, consultant obstetrician Obs & Gynae Debbie Chazen Episode 25
Ethan Hardy Consultant in emergency medicine ED George Rainsford Episode 28
Carole Copeland Relative N/A Julia Deakin Episode 30
Theo Fletcher Relative N/A Stanley Rabbetts Episode 31
Evie Fletcher Relative N/A Macey Chipping Episodes 31-32, episode 36, episode 43
Steven Fletcher Relative, porter AAU/Darwin Jesse Birdsall From episode 31
Raf Di Lucca Specialist registrar, general surgery AAU Joe McFadden Episode 35
Young Roxanna MacMillan Medical student N/A Isabella Marshall Episode 38
Young John Gaskell Medical student N/A Michael Winder Episode 38
Young Henrik Hanssen Medical student N/A Harley Viveash Episode 38
"Scary" Sue Buchanan Senior staff nurse ITU Angela Lonsdale Episodes 40-41
Reg Thompson Relative N/A Jeffery Kissoon Episode 41
Alex Duval Relative N/A Leemore Marrett Jr Episodes 41-42
Emma Naylor Relative N/A Darcey Burke Episode 44
Nanette Duval Relative N/A Suzette Llewellyn Episode 45
Episode Series Title Director Writer Centric character Original airdate
904 1 "The Prisoner" Jennie Darnell Ed Sellek Oliver 2nd January 2018
905 2 "Ready or Not" Francis Annan Robert Goldsbrough Jac 9th January 2018
906 3 "There by the Grace of..." Francis Annan Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Donna 16th January 2018
907 4 "Hanssen Is as Hanssen Does" James Larkin Joe Ainsworth Henrik 23rd January 2018
908 5 "One Day at a Time" James Larkin Isla Gray John 30th January 2018
909 6 "Not Your Home Now" Baff Akoto Patrick Homes Henrik 7th February 2018
910 7 "Precipice" Baff Akoto Tony Higgins Roxanna 13th February 2018
911 8 "Hard Day's Night" Daikin Marsh Michelle Lipton Nicky 20th February 2018
912 9 "Ache" Daikin Marsh Martin Jameson Jac 28th February 2018
913 10 "Square One" Toby Frow Kathrine Smith John 6th March 2018
914 11 "The L Word" Toby Frow Katie Douglas Roxanna 13th March 2018
915 12 "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are - Part One" David Innes Edwards Patrick Homes Ric 20th March 2018
916 13 "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are - Part Two" David Innes Edwards Andy Bayliss Oliver 27th March 2018
917 14 "Tete a Tate" Julie Edwards Joe Ainsworth Ric 3rd April 2018
918 15 "Tate Gallery" Samantha Harrie Joe Ainsworth Ric 10th April 2018
919 16 "New Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be" Steve Brett Nick Fisher Nicky 17th April 2018
920 17 "The Way We Were" Steve Brett Becky Prestwich Frieda 24th April 2018
921 18 "Headstrong" Christiana Ebohon-Green Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Fletch 1st May 2018
922 19 "Bubble Wrap" Sean Glynn Ed Sellek John 8th May 2018
923 20 "Blind Spot" Daikin Marsh Katie Douglas Fletch 15th May 2018
924 21 "Belonging" Daikin Marsh Katie Douglas Nicky 22nd May 2018
925 22 "Only a Word" Thomas Hescott Nick Fisher Dominic 29th May 2018
926 23 "None But the Brave" Thomas Hescott Gerard Sampaio Jac 5th June 2018
927 24 "Primum Non Nocere, Part One" Jennie Darnell Patrick Homes Serena 12th June 2018
928 25 "Primum Non Nocere, Part Two" Jennie Darnell Patrick Homes John 20th June 2018
929 26 "Fallen Idol" Dermot Boyd Kathrine Smith Roxanna 27th June 2018
930 27 "The Anniversary Waltz" Yasmin Kalli Joe Ainsworth Ric 4th July 2018
931 28 "Into the Light" Jamie Annett Becky Prestwich & Nick Fisher John 11th July 2018
932 29 "The Friend Zone" Jamie Annett Katie Douglas Nicky 17th July 2018
933 30 "Two for Joy" Toby Frow Ed Sellek Lofty 24th July 2018
934 31

"Child in Your Shadow"

Toby Frow Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Jac 31st July 2018
935 32 "Bygones" Paulette Randall Jon Barton Fletch 8th August 2018
936 33 "Bargaining" Paulette Randall Katie Douglas Roxanna 14th August 2018
937 34 "All Business" Tracey Rooney Nick Fisher Essie 21st August 2018
938 35 "Man Down" Tracey Rooney Michelle Lipton Sacha 28th August 2018
939 36 "Keep Your Friends Close" Michael Lacey Isla Gray Henrik 4th September 2018
940 37 "All Lies Lead to The Truth" Michael Lacey Robert Goldsbrough Frieda 11th September 2018
941 38 "One Man and His God" Jan Bauer Andy Bayliss Roxanna 18th September 2018
942 39 "Undoing" Sean Glynn Nick Fisher Roxanna 25th September 2018
943 40 "Inscrutable" Sean Glynn Tony Higgins Roxanna 2nd October 2018
944 41 "The Three Musketeers" Daikin Marsh Joe Ainsworth Zav 9th October 2018
945 42 "Stains" Daikin Marsh Patrick Homes John 16th October 2018
946 43 "Too Good to Be True" Jamie Annett Gerard Sampaio Dominic 23rd October 2018
947 44 "The Family You Choose" Jamie Annett Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope Zav 30th October 2018
948 45 "Report to the Mirror, Part One" David Innes Edwards Andy Bayliss Essie 6th November 2018
949 46 "Report to the Mirror, Part Two" David Innes Edwards Andy Bayliss John 13th November 2018
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