"Song of Self - Part Two" is the 845th episode of Holby City and the sixth episode of the ninetieth series. It was preceded by "Song of Self - Part One". And Followed by "The Kill List".

It also marks the departure of Guy Self played by John Michie but he later made a return later in the series.


Guy operates on brain-damaged Tristan, compromised because he knows Tristan violently attacked both Jemima and Zosia. Will he keep his counsel to further his ambition? Or will he do the right thing and jeopardise the opening of his much-publicised vanity project, the new Guy Self Neurosurgical Unit?

When Kim bumps into Raf at the hospital, there's romance in the air. But when it turns out Kim has been economical with the truth and a serious medical condition is diagnosed, a stunned Raf is forced to reassess their relationship.

Post his break-up with Essie, Sacha is down in the dumps, particularly when it seems Essie is enthusiastically enjoying singleton life. He's encouraged by Dominic to embrace internet dating but does he risk becoming someone he's not?

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