"Stick or Twist" is the 854th episode of Holby City and the fifteenth episode of the ninetieth series. This episode was originally scheduled to air on Tuesday 17th Januay 2017, but was changed to Wednesday 18th due to football.


When Artem returns to the AAU with a life-threatening condition, Fletch must fight to preserve his friend's self-proclaimed 'lucky day'. Little does Fletch know his own luck is about to change for ever.

When Sacha begins to suspect Essie and Raf are hiding a relationship from him, he desperately revels in the attentions of a well-to-do patient. But does his pride mask a dark secret about his time away?

After winning her support for his stent project, Matteo is determined to woo Jac romantically. The arrival of Jac's supposed old flame on Darwin might provide Matteo with the key to her heart.