Tara Lo is a former foundation training year 1 doctor, at Holby City Hospital.

She is vibrant, beautiful and annoyingly eager, and pushes herself to excel amongst her peers. She comes from a privileged background, but is acutely aware of life’s fragility and is in a hurry to establish herself as a brilliant doctor. Her perfectionist nature sometimes hides a lack of confidence and her temper has a short fuse when things don’t go her way. On rare occasions, when she lets her guard down, she has an endearingly goofy sense of humour.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2012-13)

Tara has an inoperable brain tumour which she tries to keep secret. Director of Surgery Henrik Hanssen finds out about the condition but allows Tara to continue working on that basis that she is candid about her condition and notifies him should she become symptomatic.

Colleague Jac Naylor refers to Tara by the nickname "St. Trinians" most likely because of her petite stature and lack of years, reminding her of nothing more than a schoolgirl.

Tara starts a romantic relationship with Oliver Valentine and eventually tells Oliver about her inoperable brain tumour. Ollie is shocked and goes into overdrive looking for cures. Tara tells him he must accept her tumour and come to terms with it as she has, and their relationship becomes stronger. Ollie moves into Tara's flat some weeks later. However, as Tara's brain tumour grows and becomes symptomatic, she is persuaded to have life-threatening surgery to reduce it. Tara asks Ollie to marry her and he accepts. He also respects her wishes to have her organs donated if she dies in surgery. She praises Ollie to her parents that "he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I wouldn't have lasted two minutes in my job if it wasn't for him. He has put himself on the line, so many times for me. He knows everything about me, and he would do anything for me," after they find out she and Ollie are getting married. Her parents want the couple to wait until Tara has recovered from her surgery. Later that day, Tara and Ollie get married in front of her parents and their friends and co-workers, Elliot Hope, Jac Naylor, Jonny Maconie and Mo Effanga at Holby hospital gardens.

Tara goes in for her brain surgery with her husband Ollie by her side, but following complications she is pronounced brainstem-dead and sadly dies. With Tara's parents and Ollie's permission, her organs are donated as she requested.

in 2017, Tara's brain scans were discussed in a pitch from Guy Self to CEO Henrik Hanssen on how this new equipment could have saved Tara.

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