"The Coward's Way" is the 817th episode of Holby City and the 30th episode of the 18th series.


Bernie's shocked when her husband, a locum consultant, is found operating in theatre having been summoned to work at Holby for the day. Working together on the ward, Bernie's determined to remain professional and keep her adultery under wraps. However, her feisty young patient exacerbates the highly pressurised situation, and Bernie's left feeling humiliated and mortified on the ward.

Fletch is delighted when gorgeous new psych Naomi Palmer joins Holby. Their chemistry is palpable, and her presence polarises the duo - Raf can see that Fletch is favouring time with Naomi over work and family commitments.

Zosia struggles to come to terms with Arthur's ongoing treatment and is late for work as she accompanies him to chemo. On the ward, Ollie notices that she's not herself and tries to keep her positive and upbeat but she continues to bury her head in the sand until she eventually cracks.