"The Heart Is a Small Thing" is the 870th episode of Holby City and the 31st episode of the 19th Series.


Matteo is shocked when a familiar face arrives on Darwin and threatens to disrupt the new life he's created for himself at Holby. Will Matteo transfer his troublesome patient to St James' or do the right thing and save their life before the painful truth of his marriage is revealed to his colleagues?

The Keller team worry about Dominic's return to work following the traumatic end to his relationship with Isaac. As Dominic struggles to prove he has recovered emotionally as well as physically, he locks horns with a deceitful patient who has a history of abusing the system for free cosmetic surgery. But is his patient truly a villain or another victim?

While Bernie plans to bring her son Cameron back to Holby permanently, he and Morven fight against their feelings for one another. Will Morven repair her friendship with Jasmine and follow her advice to take a chance on love before Cameron rebels against his mother and leaves the country?