A title sequence is a part of an episode that plays at the beginning and at the end of the episode. The sequence uses the theme tune of Holby City.

Opening Sequence


Holby logo on a Series 8 episode opening sequence (same series 1-9)

Series 1-2 (1999-2000)

The opening sequence in series 1 and 2 showed medical and theatrical instruments along with showing medical staff activites which were taken out of the episodes. The sequence had a dark blue hue. The last episode with this sequence was Series 2 Episode 16 "Into the Woods"

Series 3-9 (2000-2007)

This opening sequence changed the clips showing medical staff activities and some of the instruments. The sequence remained in dark blue hue. The last episode with this sequence was Series 9 Episode 38 "Countdown". It remains the longest "serving" opening sequence as it was shown for almost 7 years.


Holby logo on a Series 12 episode's opening sequence (same series 9-12)

Series 9-12 (2007-2010)

This opening sequence remained the medical instruments but instead of medical activites, the regular cast was shown. Between 2009 and 2010, names of the actors were shown along with their characters. The sequence had an orange and green hue. The last episode with this sequence was Series 12 Episode 55 "Misfit Love".


Holby logo on a Series 13 episode's title sequence (same series 13-18)

Series 13-18 (2010-2015)

This opening sequence was done in High Definition since from Series 13 the show was also shown on BBC One HD. The general quality of the sequence was better aswell as new technology was used to create it. It featured medical instruments, ECGs and patient test results (like MRI or CT scans) with the regular characters but lost the actor names in the opening sequence. The last episode with this sequence was Series 18 Episode 7 "A Delicate Truth".


Holby logo on a Series 19 episode (same series 18 onwards)

Series 18 onwards (2015-)

The current title sequence "went back to the original ones" as it didn't feature any of the cast but medical or patient activites but this time they were shown on a human skeleton. The theme tune have some new effects on it aswell but the basis remained same.

Closing Sequence

Holby Sequence 1

Holby City first episode's title sequence showing regular cast

Series 1 (+ Series 2 Episode 16) (1999, 2000)

The closing sequence featured bits of the opening sequence blurred out and had two sided credits scrolling. It used a part of the main theme tune but tweaked it's end part. The two sided credits were also used in the final episode of Series 2. It had a dark blue hue.

Series 2-3 (2000-2001)

This closing sequence moved the credits to the right side of the screen (for a small period of time in Series 3, they moved to the left) making room for preview clips of the next episode. It had a dark blue hue.

Series 4-9 (2001-2007)

This closing sequence was ~ 10 seconds longer than the original one and the closing theme was made longer aswell. It remains the "longest serving" closing sequence of the show. It had a dark blue hue.

Series 9-12 (2007-2010)

This closing sequen

ce was shorter than the last one and the end part of it was also shortened, making it the shortest yet. Now, the sequence didn't use clips from the opening sequence but it was filmed separetly. The text was put in the middle again. Due to the speed of the credits scroll, the actor names of the regular cast were put on the opening sequence and removed from the ending sequence. It had an orange and green hue.


Series 13 Episode 26 Title Sequence

Series 13-18 (2010-2015)

This closing sequence was filmed separetly aswell as the last one and in lenght remained the same as the last one. These credits brought the actor names with their character names back from the opening sequence. It had a dark blue hue like the original closing sequence had. In 2014, the credits were put into two columns in order to make the text slower.

Series 18 onwards (2015-)

This closing sequence featured a human skeleton going upwards in light blue hue. The text remained in two columns.

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