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Tristan Wood was the Chairman of Holby City Hospital's board comitee. He made his first appearance in October 2016 and his last appearance on the 15 November 2016.

Time at Holby City Hospital

Tristan Wood arrived as an old friend of consultant neurosurgeon Guy Self and their mutual goal was to get the new planned neurocentre built. When he saw that F1 Jasmine Burrows was loomed by consultant general surgeon Ric Griffin, who was against the neurocentre, he wanted Jasmine to make a complaint of bullying against Ric to get him away. Jasmine was angry that he thought Ric was bullying her because that made her and Ric's relations even worse. CT1 Zosia March suspected him of beating his wife and tried to stop it and went to his office to find clues about him and was spotted by Tristan. He attacked her and once Zosia got hold of a strong glass object, she hit him with it to the head. Tristan needed emergency neurosurgery to prevent him from dying, but died soon after the op from post-op complications.

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