Valerie Sturgeon (23 June 1943 - 25 August 2016)[1] was the mother of consultant neurosurgeon and former CEO Guy Self, and the grandmother of Zosia March. She died following an operation in August 2016, just days after she'd connected with her son and granddaughter.


During Guy's childhood, his father died and Valerie feared that this would result in him losing ambition, and she didn't want his talent going to waste. Instead, she would constantly push him to perfection by physically harming him and even locking him in the cupboard. In turn, this turned Guy against his mother and they became estranged once he'd reached adulthood and advanced in his career in medicine.

He was estranged from Valerie for a large portion of his life after this, including his marriage to Anya and the birth of their daughter Zosia. When she eventually required care, he supported her through the bills but refused to let her have anything to do with him or Zosia.

On 23 August 2016, Valerie was admitted to Darwin after having heart complications. Zosia began treating her, both unaware of their relationship. It was only when she noticed Guy the truth came out. Zosia was initially confused and angry at the way her father was treating Valerie, but he confessed the truth to her about his childhood abuse.

Two days later, Jac Naylor returned to the department following leave and her and Guy clashed over Valerie's treatment. Although Guy took no pity on her, it was decided that she was unfit for the new experimental procedure and Guy was left feeling guilty. She apologised to him for what had happened in the past and he was able to get Jac to perform the operation. Shortly before it commenced, Valerie asked for her son's forgiveness, but he simply ignored her request and assured her that she'd be alright.

However, Valerie suffered from extensive bleeding during surgery and Jac and Ollie were unable to save her. Guy was angry and upset, but later thanked Jac for going ahead with it. However, she simply told him that it was entirely her choice, that he couldn't ever coerce her into doing anything, and that she'd get rid of him from her department in the future.


  1. Although she was referenced to be 76 multiple times, her date of birth was seen on a form which, if correct, would make her 73.