Victoria Merrick was a pediatric senior house officer working on the Otter Ward of the Holby City Hospital. She first appeared in Series 1 Episode 2 on 19 January 1999 and last appeared in Series 3 Episode 26 when Victoria died.

Time at Holby City Hospital (1999-2001)

Victoria joins in series 1 episode 2 as a PRHO. In Series 1, Victoria had a storyline, in which she took amphetamins to get through the day. It was discovered by ward sister Karen Newburn and she told consultant Anton Meyer, who lectured her but get her on his firm. In Series 2, Victoria was a part of Nick Jordan's storyline, in which his and Victoria's patient died as a result of Nick ignoring his pager. In series 3 she was transferred to Otter by consultant Anton Meyer as a 'part of her rotation'. She was very angry to be transferred to another ward as her heart was in cardiothoracics. She was killed on 8 May 2001 or earlier by a patient's father who didn't want to accept her daughter was dead and blamed Victoria as his daughter's doctor. Her corpse was found by CT registrar Alex Adams in her flat. His killer died in a lift trapped with Meyer whom he confessed killing her but overdosed and Meyer was unable to save him due to not enough medical tools.


Victoria was the first ever regular character to be killed off.