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"Whose Heart Is It Anyway?" is the 1st episode of Holby City and the first episode of the first series. It followed by "Happy Families". The episode was directed by Martin Hutchings and written by Tony McHale.


Best friends Julie Fitzjohn and Jasmine Hopkins apply for a ward sister position on the hospital's cardiothoracic surgery ward. Although Julie assumes she is the favourite for the job, Jasmine is the successful candidate. When a heart becomes available for transplant, there are two potential recipients. Consultant Anton Meyer initially chooses a young boy as the best match, but ends up operating on the alternative candidate when it transpires the boy has a chest infection. Jasmine, registrar Nick Jordan and nurse Chloe Hill fly to Cornwall to retrieve the donor heart. Registrar Kirstie Collins asks Nick for permission to attend the transplant, but he refuses. Kirstie attends anyway, and is ordered out of theatre by Meyer, who is aware that Nick and Kirstie are in a relationship. As the donor heart is put in place, the father of the boy refused the operation breaks into the theatre and threatens Meyer with a scalpel. Nick defends Meyer, and the father is removed from the theatre. The heart begins to beat, and Meyer leaves Nick to close.

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