Zosia Valentine (born 2 February) was a CT2 trainee cardiothoracic surgeon who worked on the Darwin Ward of Holby City Hospital.


She isn’t afraid to question hierarchy and she doesn’t feel obliged to fit in, but she is open-minded and fiercely loyal to those she likes.

Business-like when it comes to sex, Zosia is also resoundingly private, hiding a troubled past from a prying world.

Time at Holby City Hospital (2013-17)

In April 2014, a new Consultant Anaesthetist Jesse Law is hired on Keller Ward. Jesse is an old friend of Guy's and is already acquainted with Zosia. Don Gilet who plays the character told Katy Moon from Inside Soap that Zosia calls him "Uncle Jesse" and this causes others to tease him. A reporter from the Grimsby Telegraph reported that the inclusion of patient Lindsey Kendal in Zosia's storyline would help develop a romance story with Jesse. Zosia is accused of not empathising with patients and is referred to as a "grumpy Kate Adie" on a feedback form. Jesse teases her over the event and suggests working on Lindsey's case to develop her rapport with patients.

Departure (2017)

At her wedding her dad former surgeon who had worked at the hospital Guy Self was injured. He was drunk and got inflicted with a piece of glass he is rushed to hospital after Zosia discovered him unconscious in his room after her and Oliver had got married. Later on Guy gets discharged and Zosia decides to leave Holby to look after him

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